block printing

Block printing is an easy way to make custom cards, decorate an empty tote bag or any other fabric and even make your own piece of art. Below I will try to show you how I made the set of stamps I mentioned in a previous post.

what you'll need:
thin mdf wood board // sandpaper - optional // linoleum sheet // really strong glue [I used atlacoll] // metallic ruler // a sharp cutter // carving tool kit // printed design [vertically reversed] - optional // block printing paint // a brayer // gloves - optional // something to print on

get to work:
//Cut the linoleum sheet and the wood board into the desired size. Each of my stamps was 15*10 cm.
//Trim the wood pieces with the sandpaper if needed, and afterwards clean the dust with a rag.
//Apply a coat of glue on both the wood and the linoleum piece, let them sit for a minute or two and then press them really tight together. Remove the excess glue from the sides for a better looking result. Let them dry for a day.
//Copy your design on the block with the help of a carbon paper or draw something directly on it. You can also go wild and carve any pattern you wish without guides.
//As you may guess it's carving time. Make sure you have clearly marked the areas you are going to keep. Please be careful! Carving is not a game, you might get injured.
//Now your stamp is ready!


//In case you don't like getting messy you should put the gloves on now.
//Poor some color on a smooth surface and roll the brayer over it a couple of times.
//Roll the brayer on the linoleum stamp until a thick coat of paint is spread evenly.
//Press the stamp on a piece of paper or some fabric and.... voila! Your print is ready.

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