half-burned still taken with my pinhole camera

It's true that my current obsession is photography. Besides the recent addition to my vintage camera collection another reason for my elevated interest in this subject is the photography course that I started a while ago. After seeing the amazing work of many artists, such as Geof Kern, Susan Meiselas, Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn, Lucas Samaras -I can go on and on with this list- I have the strongest urge to explore this magical world that has been unraveled in front of me.
I have spent many hours in the library searching about types of photography, artists, the evolution of camera design and ways to use my camera to its full potential. I've already spent quite a few rolls of film trying to understand and perfect the technical details explained by my professors. Actually, I was planning to post some of the pictures I took, in order to get some feedback from you guys, but the scanner decided that the time to do so has not yet arrived. I believe I will be able to upload them by Tuesday.
Apart from that and since the Hellenic Center for Photography holds a big festival composed of many contests, workshops, talks and exhibitions, three of which I plan to visit, expect to read another post of me rumbling about photography.

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