Polaroid day 1

The past few days have been the most inspirational ones I've had in years. Partially responsible for this creativity explosion are my two - gorgeous -  new/old cameras. The first one dropped into my hands by accident. I was talking to a family friend about pinhole photography and she mentioned that she had an old Pentax camera, in working condition, and that she would love to give to me, if I wanted to.  Well, there is no doubt I said YES! I can't wait to develop the first couple rolls of film and see the results.

When it comes to the second camera all I have to say is... POLAROID.
Finally, after three years of talking about getting a Polaroid camera, last Friday I ordered one from The Impossible Project website. I didn't get a new one, I bought a refurbished, 600 Camera since I am on a budget, but still it's such a beautiful camera.
Below there are some of my first photos.

hector | glass wall | neighbor's vintage car

After having taken pictures with the Pentax and the Polaroid camera, I can't seem to be able to use my normal one again. Only the outcome of the pinhole films can compare to their beauty and unique aesthetics. 

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